The PVD technology

The abbreviation PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition, in which the surfaces of predominantly metallic or ceramic substrates are coated with extremely thin layers in environmentally friendly vacuum processes.
This is achieved by the two different coating processes sputtering or arc evaporation, which have in common that different materials are deposited in the gaseous state on the substrate surface.
Since the process temperatures on which these processes are based are very low and may even occur at room temperature, a structural change of steels can be ruled out.

Goals of the PVD Coating

PVD coatings protect your tools

The ultimate goal of PVD coatings, which today are among the leading technologies in terms of wear protection, friction, erosion and corrosion reduction, life extension and surface hardness improvement, is to improve the productivity, performance and quality of business production in a variety of different areas.

Protect the environment - Coat your tools

PVD coatings are very environmentally friendly thanks to a variety of different aspects like using only a few resources during the process and producing only small amounts of waste materials and exhaust gases. In addition, the durability and service life of the tools are significantly improved, thus protecting the environment.

Why PVD Coating Systems from KCS Europe?

  • Increase in productivity
  • Increased durability
  • Cost reduction
  • Protection of the environment



Arc is next to sputtering one of the most common physical vapor deposition techniques utilized today.



Sputtering is next to arc one of the most common physical vapor deposition techniques.

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