Our Coating Systems

Our range of coating systems offers products for all applications.

We offer both complete production units and individual coating units from Kobelco and KCS Europe as standard. We can realize PVD-based processes (Arc, Sputter, GFS) as well as PACVD (Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition) surface technologies.

Customized PVD Coating Solutions

In addition, we plan, modify and design sophisticated and innovative coating solutions, in-line, batch and roll-to-roll processes for individual requirements and films in close cooperation with our customers. Both, the development of coating systems for special applications as well as the integration of systems into an already existing production process can be achieved. With our individual solutions for tool and precision part coating, we always meet the most difficult customer requirements precisely and competently.

All our PVD coating systems can be equipped with various Arc Ion Plating and Sputtering sources, including

  • DC-, Pulse- and HPPMS-sputtering
  • The latest generation of almost droplet-free AIP evaporators
  • Plasma-enhanced AIP evaporators
  • Gas Flow Sputtering technology

Our Customer Service

Our core competencies include advising and supporting our customers in identifying the right coating solution for highly stressed precision parts, components and tools as well as calculating process times for economic considerations. PVD coating systems are offered with exclusive lifetime support, training and education options as standard to ensure the correct operability of the systems.

Why Kobelco Coating Technologies?

Our PVD coating equipment has a state-of-the-art automatic operating system and control system monitors that enable the following:

  • Easy handling
  • Easy maintenance
  • High temperature pre-heating & substrate temperature control
  • Online support system
  • Reliability

KCS Europe - Your Partner for Individual Coating Solutions

A strong partnership –
KCS Europe and Kobe Steel

Application-based coating solutions

Development of user-
oriented system concepts

Certified research
and development center

Exclusive lifetime


Excellent service
and support

cost-performance ratio

Increased quality and productivity with coating systems from KCS Europe

You too can integrate our coating systems into your production process. Our sales and customer service team provides excellent on-site support for our customers - on a lifelong basis.

We gladly accept new challenges. Please contact us!


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